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Property brokers are usually recommending strategies for making a house additional fascinating. Insert touches which include this could make an perception on property consumers.

Precisely what is your take on including cedar into a vaulted sheetrock ceiling acoustically with ultimately pulling up carpet and including wood flooring?

Why…why…do the “design and style-setters” really need to usually dictate to us…what we must have or not? My gorgeous house was built-in 1993 & I requested popcorn ceilings!!! However enjoy them… Quieter, cleaner, no stains, I think much healthier, continue to exactly the same gorgeous authentic white paint I picked out & We now have many guest that have not complained. I think it's the previous funds generating plan!! I am in the trendy age, with granite, tile backsplash, & hardwood floors partially of my home…just one space remaining with wallpaper in it etc.

Noe, I like popcorn ceilings simply because they minimize echo. Strong Main doors may possibly lower sound transmission from area-to-room Nonetheless they received’t do nearly anything for echo.

Country Living participates in many affiliate marketing and advertising packages, which implies Country Residing will get paid commissions on buys created by our backlinks to retailer internet sites.

I must confess that easy or a bit textured ceilings glimpse cleaner nevertheless they are not planning to dampen seem in any way. To be a issue of reality they amplify it and generate the echo outcome several have mentioned. Then it really is compounded by wood floors, enormous glass Home windows, tile finishes , the lack of described Areas and ridiculously large ceilings.

I really like pop-corn ceilings!! I'm spraying Those people uninteresting flat, pure white ceilings and going for character. The hell with following the remainder of the pack!!

four). The lower ceilings as well as yellowed/ gray/ mustard no matter what color produces enormous shadows, the room is so darkish and just feels genuinely weighty. Sooooo unattractive.

We have shared blogger Dana's kitchen area makeover along with you just before. Just take a better take a look at that ceiling: She lined in excess of her out-of-date popcorn with fake-tin Styrofoam tiles—again, no scraping required!

Numerous house owners scrape their popcorn ceilings (aka Acoustic Ceilings). Should you retain the services of another person to get it done, it expenses approximately $one.00 per square foot to remove and re-texture, depending on a variety of things including the ceiling peak, the kind of paint that’s been placed on to ceilings, and no matter whether it's asbestos (as much popcorn did up until the seventies).

A flat ceiling will make me kinda awkward since it appears to be naked – instead of naked in a good way – similar to a hairless cat type of naked. Anything’s missing! Perhaps it’s not astonishing I don’t like them given that I also don’t like all kinds of other features which have been “in” now like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances…

Many thanks for your personal comment. Superb strategy! I’m however ten years or so from acquiring grandkids, but we’ll possibly be in this similar houe when that takes place, so I’ll give it a try out then.

referring to the evils of popcorn ceilings. I didn’t know what they were. Well it seems thar’s what We now have within our houe inbuilt 1995. I never ever discovered them until eventually nowadays and see no trouble with them

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